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Creating and Exporting with Bleed and Crops in MS Publisher 2010

MS Publisher 2010 creating the document

We will try to explain how to create a business card which has graphics which need to go to the edge of the card.

To create the page size for the business card select "create new page size". 

 Create New Page in Publisher option 


Then enter the title for the new page size of the business cards. 

Enter the size of the business card, which is 8.5cm by 5.5cm with .5cm margins, before pressing OK.

Business Card Size


This returns you to the previous page where you can now select the new page size of Business Cards.

Added custom size for Business Cards


Here on the next image, you can see a bar at the top and bottom of the demonstration sample business card which is to print to the very edge of the sheet.

Business Card Bleed Sample

So to be able to do this the colour bar must run over the edge of the artwork by .3cm. Because the colour bars are to be .5cm on the top of the page the bars are created at .8cm by 9.1cm (the width of the card 8.5cm + .3cm for either side) placing the bars so .3cm is over the edge of the card.


Once happy with the design and it has been saved,  go to "FILE" in the menu and select "SAVE AND SEND" choosing "CREATE PDF/XPS DOCUMENT"

Creating the PDF


Then choose "CREATE PDF/XPS DOCUMENT" from the next menu that appears.

creating a PDF in publisher


Next Select a location and name for the pdf file. 

Selecting PDF Location



PDF Quality Options


and then select "PRINT OPTIONS"

PDF Options


1) Ensure that it"s only going to be printing one page per sheet.

2) Select a custom page size making sure the page size is at least 4cm bigger than the document size. 

3) Select:  "CROP MARKS" and "ALLOW BLEEDS"

4) Then finally press "OK" to create the PDF

PDF Final Options

That's it. you now have a print ready pdf with crop marks and bleed ready to send for professional printing.


We have this explaination as a handy pdf for you to download here: Setting up bleed in MS Publisher 2010

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