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A Sizes - UK  standard paper sizes.

Bitmap (BMP) - Bitmaps/raster graphics, are resolution dependent image files.  As the dimensions of an image is increased the quality of the image decreases.

Bleed - When an image or type is intended to run off the edge of the printed page, it is said to “bleed.” To allow enough room for manufacturing variances allow the image to extend 3mm past the edge of the paper.

CMYK - The four colour process printing.  Cyan, Yellow, Magenta and Black: referring to the four colours of ink used.

Crop Marks - These are the small lines on artwork which show where to cut to achieve the final item size.

Desktop Publishing (DTP) - The process of creating artwork on a computer. 

Double Page Spread  - Two printed facing pages

DPI (Dots Per Inch) - The standard resolution used for print is 300dpi. With 72dpi being used for graphics/images displayed on the internet.

Encapsulate - A transparent plastic coating which surrounds the printed material giving protection to the document. This coating can have either a gloss or matt surface.

EPS (Encapsulated Postscript File) - A file format that dominated the printing industry as the preferred way to exchange files. EPS are superseded by the use of pdf files today.

Finishing - The processes a job goes through after being printed (i.e. cutting, bookleting).

Font - the styling of a typeface. e.g. Arial is a typeface, whilst Arial Bold 10pt is a font.

GSM (Grammes Per Square Metre) - A standard unit of measurement within the print industry, used to measure paper weight.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) - A compressed file format most commonly used for images. The compression applied to the image reduces the quality by merging sillier adjoining colours to reduce the file size

Laminate - A transparent plastic coating added to either side of the printed material to give protection. This coating can have either a gloss or matt surface.

Pantone - The international system for colours used in printing. 

PDF (Portable Document Format) - PDF"s are now the printing industry standard file format. As once created text and graphics do not reposition when opened from machine to machine.

Process Colours - Describing the four colours (CMYK) that are combined to produce full colour printing.

Proof - A sample of work that is sent to the client to be checked for errors. This is normal sent as in digital format such as a PDF.

Resolution - Describing an images quality.

RGB - RGB (Red, Green, Blue) are the colours used by monitors to display colour. RGB images are not used in the print process.

Sign Off - When a proof has been approved, the Artwork is then signed off and is then passed on to be printed.

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) - A bitmap file format that which stores images using lossless compression.

Typeface - The name given to a family of fonts. e.g. The typeface Arial contains different styles which are the fonts such as Bold, Italic and Bold Italic

Typography - The visual look of text in a layout.

Typo - A mistake within the text of the document.

Vector Graphics - These are mathematically defined shapes which can be rescaled to any size without any loss of quality.  Company logos are best in this format, so when the logo is used on a business card and then scaled up to be used on a large banner the quality is still sharp.



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